BLM Supporter Frank James is New York Subway Shooter

Posted anti-Trump images and sentiments of killing white people often.

The “person of interest” in the New York City subway shooting that injured at least ten people has turned out to be a huge supporter of Black Lives Matter, an avid anti-Trump social media figure, and even posted multiple times in reference to shooting people.

Frank James was known as a potential threat by the FBI, but according to reports he was suddenly disregarded and unmonitored in 2019.

His social media posts include many pro-Marxist Black Lives Matter propaganda items, as well as that attempted to infer anyone who supports Donald Trump is a racist.

Mainstream media is not picking up the story now because of the details, and paid social media misinformants are hard at work trying to slander anyone who mentions his obvious affiliations. Stick with the Mizzou Report for the latest on this story.

Canadian Truckers Vow to Stay Until All Mandates Lifted

Ottawa, CAN. — In a move of solidarity not seen in Canada in some time, truckers from all over the country have formed a miles-long convey that many claim intends to stay in place until Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lifts all vaccine mandates.

Trudeau has claimed that under the province’s health protocols, he needs to isolate for five days over safety concerns of spreading the “COVID-19” virus.

But the move comes at an obvious time of confrontation among your chief opposition, so of course the move was intentional. We wait to see the result of Trudeau’s cowardly scamper away from focus.

White House Cat Newest Distraction by Inept Biden Presidency

Washington, D.C. — The newest addition to the White House isn’t a political appointee, but it’ll be nine lifetimes of service for poor Willow.

Fake doctor and part-time glam rock groupie fashionist Jill Biden debuted the cat on her Twitter, with photos accompanying the announcement.

The United States southern border has seen a record number of illegal immigrants, including ISIS members and sympathizers who intend to participate in future attacks and jihad against America, but the Biden administration is more concerned with showing you a picture of a cat.

America waits for real answers concerning a wide range of questions Biden has created.

Mizzou Scores Opening Night Win Against Chippewas

(COLUMBIA, Mo)—The Missouri Tigers took the court with a guarded optimism upon hearing that three of their players would be held out for various reasons. Their worries melted away, mostly late in the second half, as the Tigers outlasted the Chippewas of Central Michigan 78-68 on Tuesday evening.

Five Tigers were into double figures on points as Mizzou was able to overcome an early run by the Chippewas that saw Mizzou down for several minutes.

The Tigers fought back with a bevy of three-point shots that were reminiscent of a Melvin Booker/Mark Atkins team. Their efforts were rewarded with an opening night victory.

One of the standout elements of the evening was the raucous student section at Mizzou Arena. SEC Network play-by-play man Ben Arnet noted on several occasions that the Mizzou student section was instrumental in assisting the Tiger team.

The Mizzou basketball team takes the court again on Monday November 15 when they host the University of Missouri-Kansas City Kangaroos. Tip-time is set for 7:00pm CST.

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Arizona AG Mark Brnovich Has Little Interest in Action on Election Fraud

(TEMPE, Ariz.)–It’s been two weeks since the office of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich requested items from Representative Wendy Rogers in relation to fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election.

A third party company from Florida called the Cyber Ninjas were able to materialize through professional auditing that there were several irregularities with ballots. Some duplicate, some printed on paper whose origin proves it came from China, some involving deceased voters, and so on.

Unfortunately, all of the work seems to be in vain for now, as Brnovich has spoken one way about the idea of election fraud justice but his actions are clearly not oriented around the Arizonian’s whose votes were wrongfully stolen.

On Wednesday, Brnovich was able to hand out 13 indictments related to a fraudulent health-billing scandal, but nothing related to the massive election fraud.

The website of The Attorney General’s Office shows there is still a section titled “Election Integrity Unit,” that if clicked on takes you to an area where you can file an election complaint.

The hard work of people looking to negate obvious fraud has been shown, but it is not being acted on. How long can this be allowed to go on before people have had enough? Several people associated with the audit have voiced their concerns on the matter, but it all seems to just fall into the breeze.

Brnovich has laid out no kind of time-table as to when he might even make remarks on the findings. For now, the nation waits.

Wendy Rogers Calls For Arrests in Wake of Audit Evidence

Arizona State Representative Wendy Rogers called upon Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich for the arrests of both Katie Hobbs and Adrian Fontes on Friday morning.

Rogers has been adamant about showing the truth of the 2020 Presidential Election via the recent audits in her home state. She has called on Patriots in all other 49 states to conduct their own audits and decertify election results where appropriate. This call to action has been heeded by several states and municipalities as of today, 346 since the Election was stolen.

Maricopa County officials admitted that they deleted election data in response to being subpoenaed for information related directly to the election fraud.

It has been over a week now since the office of Brnovich requested items and exhibits be sent to him related to election abuses in Arizona. He then, based on the evidence, has the authority to issue arrest warrants for the arrest of those involved in stealing the election.

It’s unknown how long it might take for such events to take place.

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Massive Police Presence in Washington on Video, No Explanation

Video has emerged from Washington, DC showing a huge line of police vehicles going to an unknown location.

The DC Police Department made a statement around the same time afterwards that police closeby were looking for a black male ages 13-16. This claim hardly matches the visual response shown in the video. The Department never said that the police presence in the video was related to the Benning Road incident.

A search of “Washington DC” on Twitter revealed that there was no further context to what was happening provided by anyone, let alone a Project Mockingbird complicit entity.

There was, however, a lot of interest from the international perspective as several non-English speaking countries had began sharing the video and speculating on what it was truly showing.

The Mizzou Report remains committed to truth in the news. We will update this story as information becomes available.

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What Do We Do Now?

As our sports generation is now faced with a quagmire whose only modern precedent is the Spanish Flu pandemic, local sports fans have come to a menacing and gut-wrenching reality, that there are no sports to fall back on in these times of Coronavirus pandemic.

Stern warnings are being issued that this may be the toughest week for Americans yet. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 have been mentioned as equally impactful precedents.

But in the thought of progression and doing thing we have to do so we don’t drive ourselves or others nuts, here is The Mizzou Report’s ‘What Now’ list.

Don’t Inundate Me With Your Fake Sports

I’ve already had it with this frenzy of fake sports in some sort of weird effort to satisfy the desire for competition. Any type of e-sports substitution, theoretical/simulated games or fantasy sports without real competition is an annoying farce.

Countdowns are a semi-tolerable form of recent recollection on sport, but most are outdated.

College Football WILL Happen

Insiders are already saying those in the know are committed to carrying out the 2020 college football season. Even if it means moving the start of the season as far back as November, the season will happen in its entirety.

This is great news for all of the SEC, terrible news for kansas. Interesting to see however, if February becomes the new November this season in the FBS.

Andrew Kaufman is Killing It

So reporting sports during this COVID-19 quarantine has been a challenge, but ABC17 Sports Director Andrew Kaufman is putting a little sizzle into the pot, primarily by using the energy his offspring is burning behind the wheel of a stunt bike.

Aerial jumps, sick slo-mo replays and raw attitude is what you’ll get when you watch Kaufman’s home sports report. You might also get schooled on the difference between ͏bath towels and plush white blankets from Target.

Anti-Christ is Coming

So with all this COVID-19 stuff comes the conspiracy perspective, which is also what is religious perspective.

This past December, a public ceremony was held for the alter that will be used in the Third Temple that will be built in Jerusalem. Groups are declaring that construction of the temple is about the begin.

But there’s one major problem.

The Dome of the Rock, al-Aqsa mosque is there, one of the most holy places in Islam. In order to build this Third Temple, there’s going to have to be some major deconstruction activities going on.

Not only that but they apparently have their guy to put in place, who would be—you guessed it—the anti-Christ. Nothing is known until it happens, but certainly worth keeping an eye on.

So What Now?

Survive and become stronger, mentally and physically. Try to learn a language…I’m going for ten right now, no kidding.

It’s never too later to start learning something amazing, especially now. Several language groups agree you can “fluently” learn a language in less than two months, so why not give it an honest attempt?

Anyone who Tweets at the @MizzouReport or @realdanielirwin in a different language will be responded to, just be ready to carry on a conversation!

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Tod Palmer and Dave Matter Take Inaugural Tweet of the Week Honors

In the world of Twitter, where you are wrong and the guy telling you how stupid you are is supposedly undefeated, some people use their linguistics to carve their mark on Twitter that leaves people in awe.

Although we can’t promise that level of majesty, we do have acknowledgement for the Mizzou Report Tweet of the Week for both the weeks of January 19-25, as well as January 26-February 1.

Our first winner, is Tod Palmer. On the night of January 23, there was a lot of snow falling over the Missouri area, including Kansas City. You might think 1:00am on what is un-technically a Thursday night might keep lesser journalists indoors, but not Tod.

Tod goes out to produce a winter traffic report with depth and detail that hasn’t been seen outside of the Yukon, ever.

He would go on to make three more full Tweets to go with the thread, all of which was too large for our servers, but you can see the full Tweet here.

Our second winner is Dave Matter. Dave’s winning Tweet is actually in reply to The Mizzou Report. When The Mizzou Report came to give their unsolicited opinion on comments Marcus Morris had made, Dave used his assertiveness with a twist of humor to shift the focal point away from a divisive political element.

Both of these Tweets will now be entered into The Mizzou Report’s Tweet of the Year contest, to be decided in January of 2021.

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